What you need:

1 head of broccoli

4 x 120g skinless chicken breasts

1 heaped tsp ground coriander

1 heaped tsp of ground cumin

1 mug (300g) of bulgur wheat

2 preserved lemons

1 bunch of radishes

2 spring onions

2 tomatoes, chopped

½ a bunch of fresh mint

2 tbs extra virgin olive oil

3 tbs red wine vinegar

2 tbs sunflower seeds

1 packet of salad leaf mix

To serve (optional)
Dollop natural Greek yoghurt
2 tsp harissa
1 lemon





Fill a medium saucepan with boiling salted water.  Trim the end of the broccoli stalks, then cut them into small pieces and add to the pan, cover and boil for 3 minutes.  On a large sheet of greaseproof paper, put some rock salt, fresh ground pepper, ground cumin and freshly chopped coriander.  Toss the chicken in this, then fold the paper over the chicken and bash and flatten to about 1.5cm thick with a rolling pin or the base of a frying pan.  Put the chicken into the frying pan with 2 tablespoons of olive oil, turning after 3 or 4 minutes, until golden and cooked through.

Remove and drain the broccoli (leaving the saucepan of water on the heat for later), place the broccoli on a griddle pan until nicely charred.  Add the bulgur wheat and the preserved lemons to the broccoli water and cover, stirring occasionally.  Halve the radishes, trim and finely slice the spring onions and the top half of the mint (the nice leafy bit), then toss the lot in a bowl with the tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

Drain the bulgur wheat in a colander and tip into a large serving bowl. Mix in the preserved lemons and arrange the broccoli on top.  Toss the sunflower seeds into the chicken pan and mix around.  Slice the chicken and add to the salad, scattering over the seeds and adding the leaf mix. 


Serve with the yoghurt and drizzles of lemon juice and harissa.

Serves 4 people

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