Nationally exhibited and winner of many awards Wendy is passionate about the world through her camera lens particularly the animal world, whether it be a loved household pet, Polar Bears in Alaska, horses in New Mexico or Orangutans in Borneo.


"Photography for me has been a journey.  It combines so many of the things that I love and feel passionate about, such as the environment and how fragile it is; wildlife and how quickly it is disappearing; pets – humans constant companions in their many forms and people who help form the pathway or chain of human contact on which we all travel on during our journey of life. 


I find it on many occasions easier to view the world through my lens.  The camera is not so much a barrier, but more a way to see deeper into life. At times I feel I can see into the soul of my subject".

All images below are for sale and can be downloaded as a digital image, a print, on a mug, iPhone cover and more. Just click on an image you love to see how you can bring it to life!

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