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The benefits of eating spinach

Spinach really is a superfood. It provides more nutrition than any other staple food item out there. This dark green, leafy vegetable also has miraculous antioxidant and anticancer properties and is super rich in plant protein and essential vitamins.

Here's 5 amazing reasons why you need to add spinach to your diet....

The benefits of eating spinach

1. It's a great way to detox

The green colour of spinach is not just a great colour, it also contains the special chemical chlorophyll, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to detoxify the body from any toxins that affect it. So make sure you add spinach to your salads.

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2. It will help with weight loss

Spinach is extremely low in fat and carbs, is nutrient dense and loaded with minerals, so it’s really the perfect food to add to your diet. Plus, it contains fat-soluble fibres that can help with weight loss through proper digestion, stabilising blood sugar and mitigating the effects of overheating.

3. It helps keep our eyes healthy

Greens are just as good for your eyes as carrots and spinach contains two essential chemicals (Lutein and Zeaxanthin) that act as protectors of the eyes from cataracts and other age-related problems. Another bonus when eating spinach is it contains vitamin A - this is responsible for keeping the mucus membranes healthy, which helps preserve your eyesight.

4. It strengthens your bones

Spinach contains vitamin K, so it does, in fact, make your bones stronger. Most of the vitamin K we receive is from the sun but by adding spinach to your diet, it will help to strengthen your bones even further, which makes it the perfect alternative if your not eating any dairy products.

5. Helps with blood pressure

Eating spinach helps reduce the potassium in the in the body and this plays a key role in reducing the risk of hypertension as high blood pressure can cause multiple problems in our body such as kidney failure or even a heart attack.

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