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How to stay healthy and balanced through the festive season

How to stay healthy and balanced through Christmas

Christmas parties, functions and celebrations are rapidly approaching (if they haven't already started). But you can stay healthy and balanced throughout the season and eat your dessert too!

Christmas and the holidays is a great time to spend enjoying yourself with family and friends and forgetting about the stresses of work and the year. But this time of the year also causes us to throw all our hard-work to the wind and wine and dine our way through the festive season.

But, there are a few ways that you can remain balanced, and stop the Christmas blow-out and still enjoy friends, food and wine!

Staying healthy without abstaining from all that delicious festive food, is easier than you think. It’s just a matter of maintaining a balanced relationship with yourself and your food, it's how you move, what you consume and how you interact.

Start the day right

Start the day with a nourishing, nutrient-dense breakfast. If you start the day with a high-sugar breakfast and don’t be surprised if you’re reaching for the sweet treats come mid-morning.

Your breakfast should contain plenty of protein and good fats like a delicious Nut Butter Banana Smoothie or Rye Toast with Poached Free-Range Eggs, Wilted Spinach, and Avocado .

And if you don’t exactly stick to your plan for the rest of the day, then don’t stress! Life happens and but at least you had a healthy breakfast.

Stay hydrated

When w're busy rushing around or at a party sipping on wine or champagne it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Try to sip on some in between drinks. Alternatively bring a large bottle of water with you if you’re running around during the day to ensure you keep up your proper levels.

If you want to add a little flavour, just cut up some delicious citrus fruit, strawberries or even cucumber to keep it fresh and exciting.

Say yes to dessert

Rather than denying yourself completely, it's better to let go of the guilt and indulge – to a point. In the same vein, don’t feel bad about saying no to something either. If you really don’t want a sugar-laden deep-fried dessert then just say “no thanks”.

If you’re enjoying any type of food it’s important to eat mindfully.

Whatever you eat, enjoy every mouthful, savour the flavours and take notice of when you’re starting to feel full. When you hit this point stop eating, don't wait until you are 'stuffed'. It will leave you feeling awful and you'll regret it.


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